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Welcome to the East Amherst Fire Department!


Protecting Residents of East Amherst & Clarence, New York since 1919

100% Volunteer Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Our Mission:

Our mission is to selflessly serve our community and to provide fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services (E.M.S.) whenever requested to do so.

We protect approximately 21,000 residents and our district extends to Hopkins Road to the west, Transit Road to the east, Maple Road to the south, and it's northern most border is North French Road. We also cover a portion of the Town of Clarence. Some notable businesses in our district includes Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, Transit Valley Country Club, Grover's Restaurant, Pautler's Drive in, East High School, Transit Middle School, and Maple East Elementary School.

We have a Surface Ice Rescue Team as well as having EMT-Paramedic care. We are the only fire company in the towns of Amherst, Clarence, and Newstead providing advanced EMT-Paramedic care 24/7 to its residents.

Our volunteer firefighters annually attended and participate in 180 training and work detail sessions involving 3208 man hours. These consisted of live fire suppression, water rescue, haz-mat, OSHA safety, pump and ladder operations, vehicle extrication, counter -terrorism operations, and rescue techniques. Also, many firefighters attended emergency medical technician/paramedic classes, which consist of 120-150 hours of classroom and field training. The work details consisted of maintenance to vehicles, equipment, and building and grounds. In addition, countless hours were spent on administrative committees and duties. All of this is done to help keep your tax rate as low as possible.

Our Team
Fire Department Active
   #     Name                                                                                     
  1. ​Mel Spoth (Retired)
  2. John Moulin
  3. Jennifer Maxian
  4. Dylan Utz
  5. Mitch Steinhorn
  6. Dave Lichtenthal
  7. Bob Hart
  8. Joe Gruttolori
  9. Mike Secor
  10. Ryan Arrastia
  11. Deanna Rizzotto
  12. Nathan Schmitt
  13. Lynn Buczkowski
  14. Dan Utz
  15. Wally Krafft (Retired)
  16. Andrew Yaeger
  17. Paul Benson
  18. Greg Skibitsky
  19. Bob Goodwill
  20. Matthew Aichinger
  21. Scott Piel
  22. Jim Quigley
  23. Karl Pautler (Retired)
  24. Chris Mercio
  25. Mitchell Spoth (Retired)
  26. Jim Keddie Jr.
  27. Kyle Schraufstetter
  28. Jacob Wixom
  29. Ed McGrew Jr.
  30. Adam Bargnesi
  31. David Laux
  32. Scott Buczkowski
  33. Ken Rusin
  34. Mike Morris (Retired)
  35. N/A
  36. Mark Mallick
  37. Dan Howaniec
  38. Scott Wehrlin
39. Alex Wehrlin
40. Eric Benedetti
41. Peter Kertzie
42. Cari Cardinale
43. Mark Heard
44. Frank Raquet
45. Taylor Sheehan
46. Ray Binner
47. Nick Becker
48. Germain Krafft (Retired)
49. Eric Brown
50. Mark Gedeon
51. Anthony Heibel
52. Jeffrey Terragnoli
53. Jeffrey Tamsen
54. Laura Stratton
55. Mike Lombardo
56. Ben Maxian
57. John Pidgeon
58. Tyler Wiese
59. Catherine Quigley
60. Rich Phillips
61. John Redenbach
62. Jon Howaniec
63. Evan Kumpf
64. Joshua Guidie
65. Joseph Rowley
66. Brant Sauers
67. Brian Turner
68. Richard Tate
69. Jackson Trinh
70. Paul Ferguson
71. Waverley Wobshall
73. James Lombardo
74. Steve Oehler
76. Zach Day
Fire Department Inactive

  #    Name                           

  102. Ron Shrewsberry
 108. Mike Redenbach

  109. Joe Floss
  110. Gary Spoth
  112. Marc Harrishburg
  113. Edward Krafft
  114. Ron Daigler
  118. Brain Hettrick
  126. James Binner
  127. Tom Barillari
  130. Burt Falk
  131. Bill Boyle
  142. Sam DeChellis
  145. Scott Preston
  147. Brain Kern
  156. Willie Loomis
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